As one of the world’s leading Management & Advisory Consultancies at the heart of our Tradition are Human Resources Strategies that have advanced with excellence and pioneering consulting solutions for over 13 years. Our management consultancy goes beyond “the classic” and „the traditional“ by combining business psychology with ingenious advice to equip corporations with exceptional service.

IAD cultivates a respectful business relationship with an assorted client group, who appreciates the alike and values our consulting approach. We contribute exceptionally to our client’s value proposition by

  • identifying outstanding Executives, Celebrities, as well as rising Talents & Stars
  • growing internal Executive pipelines for consistent workforce planning
  • developing Global Leaders, outstanding Talents & VIPs
  • placing C-Suite & Board Members for succession planning
  • filling pivotal roles with matching Executives from our “Members only” Executive Pool
  • best preparing Executives for new challenges
  • advising priviliged private clients in lifestyle matters

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